Mikes WW1 Aircraft Models
The models on this web site are all 1:32nd scale aircraft from World War One. I’ve tried to obtain one of each type of aircraft from World War One that are available from current and past manufacturers and in 1:32 scale. These include Wingnut Wings, Roden, Special Hobby, Planet Models, Academy, Aviattic, Hobby Craft, Omega, HPH Models, Copper State Models and Lukgraph. Occasionally I convert models to represent aircraft types that are not available. Gallery Contents: My models are shown in the separate gallery pages and most have a ‘build log’ created in PDF format. These build logs have separate chapters that detail not only the particular aircraft and pilot, but also reference material, photographs and drawings. Each chapter is area based to give a step by step guide on how I constructed the model. The build logs are available for modellers to download and use as either a building guide or as reference material. The build logs are book marked with Chapters and their contents and can be used for navigating through the build log, if viewed in a PDF reader, such as ‘Adobe Reader’. To download a build log, just double click on the particular
Mikes WW1Aircraft Models 2018